Unfiltered, Unfined, Unpasteurised & Unapologetically hazy

———–  Our beers  ———–


BOOM – India Pale Ale

The first thing that hits you are the big grapefruit, peach and citrus aromas.

Upon tasting, those hop flavours are complemented with a crisp, clean and refreshing malt backbone.

BIG resinous hoppy bitterness follows and stays with you.  That’s BOOM!!!

500ml bottles, Keg & Cask.  6.2% ABV

KISS pump clip

KISS – The dankness, Twice dry hopped IPA

A juicy, dank beer, bursting with flavour.

 Made with plenty of oats and wheat, for a great mouthfeel. This leaves the beer pretty hazy too.

We added a heap of Citra, Amarillo and Victoria Secret hops in the whirlpool for maximum flavour and low bitterness.

We then did two more staggered, massive dry hop additions of the same hops.

500ml bottles, Keg & Cask.  5.4% ABV



ATOM – Mosaic single hop American Amber Ale

Mosaic is one of our all time favourite hops, so we decided to make atom one of our core beers.

Mosaic gives a complex array of tropical fruit, citrus, berry, herbal, earthy and pine characteristics.

Refreshing and hoppy with a big supporting malt base.

500ml bottles, Keg & Cask. 4.3% ABV


HALO badge

HALO – Session India Pale Ale

 A wonderfully refreshing pale beer, with subtle biscuit notes.

Plenty of hops, giving a fruit & citrus character, with notes of spicy earthy overtones.

500ml bottles, Keg, & Cask. 4.5% ABV



LIFT – India Pale Ale

 A collaborative brew, made with the Guy’s and Gal’s from The Beer Emporium

in King Street, Bristol.

A refreshing, hoppy, easy drinking IPA

500ml bottles, Keg, & Cask. 5% ABV



JUMP – American Pale Ale

Made exclusively for Three Brothers Burgers in Bristol.

A fruity pale with enough bite to be the perfect accompaniment

to the delicious food they serve.

Keg – 4% ABV


CAKE STout badge

CAKE – Bitter chocolate, espresso and vanilla stout.

Made with Ugandan vanilla, Peruvian cocoa nibs and fine, Italian espresso coffee beans.

A bitter sweet treat

330ml bottles – 6.6% ABV



MILK – A sweet stout

A beautifully complex stout, made with eight different malts and very little hops,

as we wanted the malt to really shine through.

We added lactose to sweeten it, but not too much… ‘cos that’s the way we like it!!!

Smooth, silky and easy to drink.

500ml bottles, Keg & Cask. 4.6% ABV